Sunday, June 26, 2016

Battle of the sexes: Whose fault is it anyways?

So Im tired of it and I'm pretty sure most of you are tired of it as well.  I cant find a good man I cant find a good woman.  Well  Whose fault is it?????? Whose fault is it that you cant find a good man or good woman?  I'll wait.........  Well normally after that statement there is finger pointing  men are no good women are no good blah blah blah blah blah.  Check your self!!!  Men check your selves.  What have you been promoting and supporting and blowing up????? Instagram models reality show stars knifed up to get wifed up women.  and ladies  what have you been promoting supporting and blowing up..  Rapper styled boys mama boys corner boys lazy boys.  So now think about why you cant find  a good mate.  well everyone's out here trying to model themselves after the mainstream.  Underneath all the falsities there are good men there are good women  but because we are too busy trying to be what we think the other wants we aren't being true to ourselves.  So stop trying to be the models we see grabbing men attention You are beautiful and smart and more than meets the eyes.  Men stop trying to act tough and HARD and grow up.  We want a provider(legally)  someone not afraid to show emotions.  (real men do cry) Stop spending your time telling the other what's wrong with them and start working on you and making sure you know what you want and be ready for that man or woman when they arrive in your life, because 9 times out of 10 he or she may already be in your life just waiting for you to get it right. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Who do you think you are?

Do you think your a good person?  I mean a really good person.  Not taking advantage of anyone. Not hurting someones feelings.  Not being inconsiderate and selfish or just plain ole ignorant?  Or just down right mean?  Do you know that you are being this way or are you ignoring it?  Have people in your life said it at one time or another the same things about you and you get mad at them and think they are "Hating on you"?  I will admit it.  I feel like I am a good person whenever I see someone in pain hurting emotionally physically or mentally I just want to help them.  Its in my nature.  I feel sympathy and empathy for all those who need it.  But I have been at times inconsiderate selfish and have hurt someones feelings.   Whether it was knowingly or unknowingly I have down some people wrong.  For a long time I thought I was grateful I thought I showed my gratefulness to those who I was grateful for.  Looking back now I feel I missed the mark a few times.  Not that many times I was doing it purposefully but none the less I did it.  Whether it was an action or a word. I did it.  Its taken some time for me to realize that before I wasn't truly grateful.  I was praying last night and i got a flash back over my life and I started to cry. Not tears of sorrow but of joy.  I cant believe how grateful I truly am.  I look at my sons and my heart just flutters.  I created them (with help from my husband of course) but I did that.   I look at my husband and I want to just squeeze him and never let him go.  I don't know where I would be without him in my life.  We have gotten through so much together. ( I don't say it enough  but I love you hun).  My life is far from perfect I am no where near the vicinity of perfect but I try everyday to be the best me I can be.  I am starting a campaign to be grateful  everyday.  I am grateful everyday I wake up because I know I could've been gone a long time ago but here I stand,    I try to no longer be selfish whether its not eating the last chicken wing or cinnamon roll or making sure the needs of the most important people in my life are met.
 I want to say to anyone I have met and have some way hurt your feelings said something crazy to or just down right mean too(pretty sure that's a low number on that one)  I am truly sorry.  I hope you have not carried that with you for a long time and if so I apologize for not saying sorry a long time ago.  I know how carrying "baggage" around with you  can weigh you down so I'm sorry.    If you've hurt someone and you know it or even if you think you may have been a jerk to someone just say your sorry (but mean it)  Nothing worse than just being mean angry and hateful to everyone around you that just spawns more mean angry and hateful people.  We so don't need that in the world today.  I hope this message reached someone and possibly made a difference in your life.  I am on a journey to inspire and heal and if I can help to inspire and heal some people along the way that would be amazing.  Thank you for taking the time to read reflect and absorb what I am saying

I'm grateful for you and pray you have a blessed and grateful life!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Help us grow!!! Plant a Seed!

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Friday, April 29, 2016

Mothers its your Day!!!

Mothers day is coming up and I would like to dedicate this blog to all the women who have been influential in my life especially my mom.    Growing up I was the youngest of three.  My mom and dad worked long hours for very little pay but somehow always made  out of .15 cents.  My mom is one of the most hard working determined  faith the size of a mustard gotta love GOD or where would we be woman.  My mom has taught me perseverance  hard work and to trust in God no matter how your circumstances and situations look.  My mom is a cancer survivor and no matter how she feels she is grateful  for everyday to wake up on this side of life.  When I was growing up I felt my mom was so strict at times and soooooo bossy.  Now being a mother myself I understand so much more .  I know now why we went to church all day Sunday bible study on Wednesday childrens church on Friday night and choir rehearsal on Saturday mornings. The discipline that we were taught and the hard work that was instilled within us  shows through to this day.  We were taught that nothing in life is free and if we want the best in life we have to work for it. And we are.  We are all hard workers.           When we were children we may not have shown the appreciation for all the things you did for us whether it was pick up a side job to make sure we had all we needed or be there to make memories with us We appreciated it.  WE appreciate you.  You are an amazing woman of God a fighter a survivor and  hardest working woman I know and I love you  for all you do and did for  me ,my brother and sister.  Sometimes it was rough for us but God brought us through and look at us now.
     I have been fortunate to have some of the greatest women in the world to me in my life from birth to now.  I thank each and everyone of you for helping to mold me into the woman I am today.  Happy mothers day to every mother out there I love you for what you do day in and day out giving life and sustaining life.  Enjoy your day because you definitely deserve it.  Your worth it.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Just A Hot Ghetto Mess!!!

Why why WHY  in 2016 are these guys still sagging.  I dont want to see your butt crack. Half of yall's drawers are dingy, dirty, holey and dont match what you have on so why again are yall showing them.  This aint sexy it aint cute its not even fashionable and when you try to run across the street trying to hold up your pants because they are 2 inches from hitting your ankles You look stupid.So let me get this straight you pull your pants up so that they will fall back down under your butt????  and why so you can walk with a huge gap inbetween hour legs trying to keep them from hitting the ground .  Or so you loo like you really got it like that........Really??????

Whats wrong with wearing your pants around your waist and not under your butt.    Public Service Announcement  We dont care what type color or pattern your drawers are Pull up your DAMN PANTS MAN!!!!!!!  Im tired of the skid marks that are being paraded around here like its a new pattern  with matching holes.  Wash your tail put on some clean drawers and pull up your pants.  Act like you know and that sagging isn't a fad it was started due to prison life and I am sure none of yall really want to go there to see how it really is up in there.  So pull up your pants young men and some young ladies and put a belt on that proper fits your body.  Look presentable and not resentable.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

This really needs to be said

Its like an epidemic out here the warmer it gets the worst it gets.  I went to pick up my sons from school today and as Im leaving here's a young lady in a bonnet  yes one of those little house on the praire looking hair wraps. It doesnt matter that they make them in assorted colors and prints.  Its still ridiculous to wear outside your house.Why Ladies WHY!!!!!!!!!  This looks so wrong so bad and so tacky.  Believe me I understand in a rush you dont want to take your hair down....... but really your kids school, WalMART,  the grocery store???????  Anywhere but your house is unacceptable.Im about comfort just like the next person but Why in the entire HELL would you wear your pajamas any further than you mailbox I mean come on you are no longer trying to be comfortable you just lazy.  Either you too lazy to find outside clothes which means you didnt wash you nasty behind(Washing the crust out your eyes doesnt count as washing your body?) or you too lazy to wash clothes.  Either way its just wrong.  Ladies there is nothing wrong with just putting your hair in a ponytail(if you have enough  dont make a struggle tail  where your struggling to get your hair to meet in the middle of your head)  or take a comb to it to make it look decent to walk out your door.  Lets take time to make our selves look nice. Show you take pride inyourself everyday and not  just when its time to go club.  Be presentable and not embarrassing to the entire culture.

Monday, March 28, 2016


Where has the respect for adults gone in this world.  So by now I am pretty sure everyone has seen the video of Katt Williams and thoe 17 year old boy  fight.  At first glance  the edited video was hilarious but then reality sets in and the full video version is aired.  Since when has it been ok for a CHILD to disrespect his elders by taunting him and egging him on and daring him to whoop his tail.  Since when has it been ok for you to put your hands on an adult Or even threaten an adult.  I remember back when I was a child if we even thought to mumble under our breathe we would get checked.  We knew better than to speak out of turn to an adult or to speak while they were speaking.  It wasn't a fear thing but a respect thing.  Somewhere down the line respect for adults has been lost. Respect for life period has been lost.  We need to instill respect in our kids for everyone. Young, old, man or woman, gay or straight, catholic, protestant  or muslim.We need to respect everyone.  We need to respect Life.  We have so many killings so many fights over ignorant things especially in our youth.  Where have we went wrong as a community as a country. A conversation needs to be had with our youth whether it's your child, niece ,nephew,  granchild great grand child, brother or sister.  Talk about what respect is and how it is given and recieved.  Respect is not gain through fear but understanding. HOlding a gun doesnt get you respect but it unleashes fear.  Fighting doesnt gain you respect just disdain.  The definition of respect is a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities qualities or achievements.  You dont have to know someone to respect them.  I can respect you for being present being alive a living being.  Elders should be respected for all the things they have lived through and done to bring life forth and nourish it. Show eachother respect.  To whom much is given much is received!!!